The Heart Work 90 Day Faith Journal

☁️ Welcome to your new favorite way to start and end the day.

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This is our favorite product we have ever created. This is an everyday journal that will set up your day with what really matters: slowing down, reflecting, time with Jesus. 

On the days I fill one page out, my whole day is transformed. Each section in this journal has been carefully tested to set your day up intentionally. 

If you struggle with reading the bible, spending quiet time in a journal, and reflecting, this is the place for you. 

This undated journal runs for 90 days. If you miss a day, no worries. You get to pick up where you left off. 



~ A 90 day journal with different bible verses on each day.
~ morning and evening sections
~ video on how to use your journal

◦ Start Here File
◦ Access to Google Drive
◦ Step by Step Tutorial Videos
◦ Access to Heart Work Library with free sticker packs + monthly freebies.

Due to the nature of digital products, Create Heart Work does not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges.

We recommend opening all of our products on the app Goodnotes 5 or 6. There are other digital planning apps, but all our tutorial videos are with Goodnotes.

Wondering if digital planning is for you?

Download a free digital journal + get the feel of it. You will get a free mini tutorial on how to use everything.

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