Let's simplify it, shall we?

Read below for step by step on how to get started with digital planning.

Get your tools: iPad/Apple Pencil

If you have other tools besides the apple pencil and iPad, you can still digitally plan. To find out if your device is compatible with digital planning, download a free journal here. You can digitally plan with other devices.

Download a freebie
Download app: Goodnotes 5

If your device is not compatible with GoodNotes 5, (best digital planning app we recommend) try other apps at your own convenience. Check out the freebie journal to double check if it works with the app you choose to use.

Take Me To The Shop

Our planners are tailored to fit your everyday needs. Whether you like clean and simple or fun and bright, there is a planner for everyone. If you need help choosing planner, be sure to watch the flip-throughs here

I still have questions
Watch the step by step tutorial videos.

The step by step tutorial videos make anyone an expert. These videos are where the gold is at. You learn whether you’re a beginner or already an expert. They’re simple, easy to follow, and yours forever.

Ready To Choose Your Planner?

Still have questions?

Check out the getting started video where the four steps are explained in detail.