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You get everything inside our heart work planners + all the student templates you need to have a peaceful academic year.

Our planners have everything to help you plan, enjoy, and be intentional. Choose your favorite theme & don't settle for a planner that doesn't fit your needs! With Create Heart Work you'll find true planner peace & guidance the whole way. 

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~ 3 different planner versions
Monthly linked only
Monthly + weekly linked
Monthly + weekly + daily linked

~ 20 custom sections to customize with templates or notes

~ Pre-linked student sections:
Semester Overview
Daily Schedule
Exams / Finals Tracker
Meeting Template
Password Keeper
Course List
Class Overview
Checklist Template

~ 8 tabs for custom classes

~ 100 weekly options
~ 30 daily options
~ 120 life template add ons
~ 75 Stickers
~ 18 Cover Options

~ Sticker set in PNG and Goodnotes file
covers to customize your planner

~ 30 student template options:
(you can either keep these templates or trash them if they don't fit your needs)

Templates include:
My school week
Course planning
Class planner
This month
Checklist Varieties
Assignment tracking
Study plan
Weekly study plan
Project plan
Equations + references sheets
Essay plan
Class notes
Course Overview
Subject to do
Reading summaries
Chapter summaries
Group project
Class tracker
Weekly Schedules
Semester goals
Assignment planner
Essay tracker
Daily planner
Time tracker
Important dates
Grade tracker
Project brainstorm
Lesson summary
Chapter summary
Assigned reading
Study log
Daily page
Weekly page
Class tracker

~ 125 life templates options
Templates Include:

(you can either keep these templates or trash them if they don't fit your needs)

Blank sheets, lined sheets, graphed sheets, and dotted sheets
Year at a Glance
Planning Ahead
Big Projects
Routine Planning
Master To Do List
Brain Dump
Finance Overview
Bill Tracker
Monthly Budget
Monthly Budget (different layout)
Monthly Finances
Expense Log
Monthly Expenses
Debt Tracker
Financial Charts
Wellness Tracking
Wellness Tracking (different layout)
Symptom Tracker
Workout Plan
Workout Log
Workout Plan (different layout)
Workout Plan (different layout)
Workout Tracker
Habit Tracking
Challenge Tracker
Weekly Meal Planner
Weekly Meal Planner (lined)
Meal Planner
Grocery List
Meal Planner
Grocery List (different type)
Monthly Meal Planner
Meals + Fitness (Meals)
Meals + Fitness (Exercise)
Kitchen Inventory (Freezer and Refrigerator)
Kitchen Inventory (Pantry and Cookware/Supplies)
Kitchen Inventory (blank)
Grocery List (labeled)
Grocery List (blank)
Project Planning
Project Planning (different layout)
Project Planning (different layout)
Project Planning (different layout)
Project Planning (different layout)
Goal Planning
Goal Planning (different layout)
Goal Planning (different layout)
Goal Breakdown
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals (2 pages)
Weekly Review
Weekly Schedule
Goal / habit Breakdown
Routine (blank)
Meeting template (4 different paper types)
Travel Checklist
Outfit Planner
Travel Plan
Travel Plan (different layout)
Travel Checklist
Travel Checklist (blank)
Food To Try
Places To Visit
Travel Expenses
Packing List
Packing List (different layout)
Travel Highlights
Daily Schedule
Password Keeper
Weekly Planning
Project Plan
Project Plan (blank)
Blank Template
5 Notes Templates
Weekly Schedule (different layout)
Daily Planner
Time Tracker
Important Dates

• Start Here File
• Mini Course on how to use everything if you're a beginner
• 3 Planner Versions
• Monday / Sunday Start Planners
• Access to Heart Work Library with free sticker packs + monthly freebies.

Choose from
• Dated July 2024 - June 2025
• Undated versions to use year after year

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